Our Proven Roof Defense Plans

Our custom designed, detailed, and proven Roof Defense Plans will eliminate leaks & frustrations and extend the life of your commercial flat roof.

Central Michigan’s Local Roof Maintenance Experts

Our Roof Defense Plans help Lansing and Central Michigan commercial property owners catch problems before they start.

As a company that makes its living repairing commercial and industrial roofing systems, it’s easy to see why a roof maintenance program isn’t just something nice to have, it’s a must.  We’ve repaired countless dollars in damages that would’ve been easily avoided with the proper preventative maintenance.

Benefits of our Roof Defense Plan

It’s been proven time and time again. Semi-annual roof inspections and subsequent maintenance are smart business decisions for commercial property owners.  Much the same way regular maintenance benefits your vehicle, equipment, and other expensive assets, our programs will help you maximize the life and value of your sloped, low-sloped, or flat roof.  The benefits of our commercial roof maintenance include:

  • Lower Facility Costs
  • Minimizing the Risk of Emergency Roof Repairs
  • Extending the Life of Your Commercial Roof 
  • Ability to Properly Plan for Future Replacements

What to Expect From Your Commercial Roof Inspection

When you bring us in for a commercial roof inspection you’ll receive a comprehensive, detail-oriented inspection into every part of your roofing system.  Our programs are among Mid-Michigan’s best for all EDPM, TPO, Metal, PVC, Modified Bitumen, and Asphalt Roofs.

  • Careful Inspection for Visible Damage, Ponded water, Open Seams, Punctures and Tears
  • Check Roof Membrane Surface for Signs of Aging or Failure, Cracking, Splitting, Ridging, Buckling, and Tension/Shrinking
  • Close Inspection of Deck, Insulation, Parapet Walls, Base Flashings, Chimneys, Vents, Skylights, Roof Penetrations, Metal Fascia, Drip Edges, Sheet Metal Copings and Other Potential Problem Areas
  • Interior Roofing Components, like Rafters and Roof Trusses are Inspected for Signs of Rust or Rot
  • Expansion Joints Checked for Stability and Excessive Movement
  • Interior Walls Inspected for Signs of Water Infiltration
  • Ceiling Inspected for Signs of Moisture Entry
  • Exterior Walls Inspected for Signs of Spalling and Cracking
  • Roof Edges Checked for Deterioration and Wind Damage
  • Substrate Firmness is Evaluated
  • Roof Penetrations are Closely Inspected
  • Gutters and Drainage Systems are Cleared of Dirt & Debris
  • Roof-mounted HVAC System Areas are Inspected for Punctures
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